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When did you get fat?

It’s been a long time since I posted. Besides all the other excuses of being too busy doing other things, the truth is I haven’t really been sticking to any sort of diet. I might have broken up with food … Continue reading

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A belated Valentine’s Day

Two years ago today I was celebrating Valentine’s Day with my ex-boyfriend *Barry. It was our first Valentine’s Day together and our last. Like I said with my first post, the signs were there that the relationship wouldn’t last. But … Continue reading

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My first boyfriend made me sick

Literally.  This was the start of the break-up diets for me.  Things were good in the beginning.  I found his jealousy endearing at first.  I liked that he wanted to spend all of his time with me.  I was seventeen … Continue reading

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The Break-Up

This time two years ago was the beginning of the end of the relationship that gave me the idea for the script.  The clues were all there but it was a shiny new year.  I had a boyfriend, something I … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Break-Up Diet!

Wow, the New Year is almost here already.  You know, I got the idea for The Break-Up Diet a few years ago when I broke up with someone, wrote notes on it, then put it away.  The idea came back … Continue reading

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