Welcome to The Break-Up Diet!

Wow, the New Year is almost here already.  You know, I got the idea for The Break-Up Diet a few years ago when I broke up with someone, wrote notes on it, then put it away.  The idea came back to me when my friend *Betty broke up with her boyfriend five months ago.

Since I decided to go on a real diet to get in shape I thought I would toss in bits about the Break-Up Diet (TBUD), events that went into the script, stuff that didn’t make the cut.  Plus progress (lots of progress I hope) on my current weight loss journey.

I’ve tried the Weight Watchers Points system before and lost 45 lbs.  It was awesome.  I had to buy new clothes and everything.  And I kept it off for a while at least.  Then I totally fell off the wagon and gained back those 45 lbs and more.  One of the many reasons TBUD doesn’t work.  You eat crap for a while or don’t feel like eating at all so you lose weight.  But you gain it all back again.

Now that I’ve found the love of my life no more break up diets for me.  Just the real deal.  Starting January 2nd I’m back on the Weight Watchers Points program.  I’ll be using an Excel spreadsheet to track my food, points and exercise.  Not  sure why I picked Sunday to start but I did, so there you go.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a tidbit about the break up that caused the idea for the script TBUD.  Then Sunday I’ll be back with an update on how I’m doing sticking to my points for the day.

I’ll try to keep a regular schedule of posts.  Anything from the last break up will hopefully coincide with when it actually happened two years ago.  Weight loss progress will be posted weekly.  Frustrations might be posted every day.  🙂

Happy New Year and healthy eating!


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