Week 4 Progress

Another pound down, a whole lot more of them to go. I was pretty good for most of the week. Kept within my points, used 32 of my 35 flex points by Friday. Then Friday evening and Saturday the diet went a little crazy. I did not watch the points at all and had a lot of food that wasn’t good for me. But it tasted so yummy. And when I got on the scale yesterday I was still down a pound so I was happy.

I suspected I might be down when I put on my nylons on Saturday. *John and I were going to a play his friend directed. It’s super freezing here and most ladies know those nylons really help to keep out the cold. I was kind of dreading fighting with them. The last time I put them on it took me five minutes to get them up. And they aren’t control top either. But Saturday they went on with no problem.

Oh, the play was great too. After the screenplay is done I think my next project will be a play. I’d love to see actors saying my lines, see the director direct them.

It’s 20 Minute Chicken tonight for dinner. Tomorrow I’m going out so I have to look up the restaurant online to see if they have a menu posted. Staying on the points only works if I can pick point friendly meals before I go.

I’m off to get some work done.

Healthy eating!


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How fattening is that water?

Okay, stupid question you might be saying. Water has zero calories, zero fat. When it comes to points it’s free. You’d be right but what are you putting in your water? I don’t like drinking water. It has no taste. No flavour. There are lots of different products out there you can use to flavour that water. Those have calories. Okay, most of them still don’t have fat. But calories add up. Especially if you’re having eight glasses of water a day and adding a packet of flavouring to each glass. The Crystal Light packets are very low in calories but artificial sweeteners give me a headache. Kool Aid has individual packets too. Those have more calories.

What about other favourite beverages? Coffee and tea have almost no calories. But add cream, milk, sugar, and other flavours and you’ve got a drink that might be as many points as a chocolate bar. Maybe even more. I have a friend who drinks tea all day. She could never lose on the Points system because the tea was eating into her points. She added milk and sugar to every cup. After eighteen cups you start to lose quite a few points that you could be using for food.

Then of course there is my absolute favourite drink. Pepsi. I wish I could drink it everyday but, sadly, it’s 3 points per can. So I splurge on the weekend instead with one or two cans provided I have the points available.

Bottom line, be aware of what you’re putting in your drinks. Adding just a little of something to any of them adds calories. Soon that low calorie or no calorie drink is just as bad as that 6 point chocolate bar I often crave.

Okay, off to my sister’s to see my niece and then back home for stir-fry!

Healthy eating!


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Week 3 Progress

One more pound! I’m glad the number of the scale moved. I would have been bummed if I hadn’t lost, or worse yet, gained last week. But I lost a pound. I’m not in a hurry of course and I’m realistic. I want to keep the weight loss steady at a pound a week. What’s surprising is what I ate last week. Chips, Thai food, breaded chicken submarine, chicken fingers, fries, creamy tuna noodle casserole. I went over my flex points so I was nervous about getting on that scale today.

I didn’t even do the Wii Fit once let alone the three times I wanted to. I’m hoping this week will be better but it’s busy at work and *John and I have plans this week that will mean getting home late at least two nights.

I’m off to bed. I hope this week is a good one in the weight loss department.

Healthy eating!


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Week 2 Progress

So, week two didn’t go as well as week one. I didn’t lose anything this week. Even though the scale didn’t budge I’m not discouraged. I know it will go down again. I only did the Wii Fit once last week so that could have something to do with it.

Goal this week besides getting through work is to do the Wii Fit at least three times. I hope next Sunday the scale has some better news for me.

Now, I’m off to bed.

Healthy eating!


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What’s for dinner?

So, made dinner last night for *John and me.  We usually have pasta on Wednesday nights.  The stuffed kind you keep in your freezer.  I worked from home yesterday so I checked the pasta only to find out that one serving was 8 points.  Then add the sauce and you’re talking a dinner that’s at least 11 or 12 points.  Maybe more.

Inspired by all the cooking shows I’ve been watching lately I decided to make sauce and just have penne instead of stuffed pasta.  I put on the onions and garlic then added the tomatoes and tomato paste.  I took out almost every spice in the cupboard and added that too.  There weren’t really that many.  Not a lot of variety.  We must do better with that and get more spices.  The key to food that satisfies you is the taste.  And spices are great at bringing out the flavour in foods.  I also decided to add some chicken breast strips.  Sautéed those with some red pepper and garlic spice from Club House.  I mixed everything together once the pasta was cooked and added three heaping tablespoons of sour cream.  It actually turned out pretty good.  It worked out to be about 11 points. 

Yes, the other option would have been the same points but that was just cheese stuffed pasta and store bought sauce.  We ended up with a much nicer sauce made with fresh ingredients with the added chicken.

The first couple of weeks is the hardest for me.  I usually use all my flex points by Wednesday.  This time around I still have 10 left.  If we have stir fry with rice I should still have them left over for tomorrow. 

Now, it’s time to start thinking about lunch.

 Healthy eating!


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Week 1 Progress

One week down of the new diet and I’m pleased to say that the scale says I’ve lost 7 pounds.  Now, most of that is probably water but I’ll take it.  I didn’t really change what I ate I just paid attention to the portions and counted the points for them.  I still had food I love.  Yesterday we went out for lunch and I had souvlaki with a salad and rice.  I still have my coffee every day.

What I did change was my breakfasts.  I used to buy them almost every day from work.  Eggs, bacon, and mayo on toast.  Or bacon, cheese and tomato with mayo on a bagel.  I shudder to think how many points those are.  I had oatmeal for breakfast almost every day.  I did have a western omelette on Friday though.

I only had Pepsi once last week!  It just about did me in.  I missed it so much.  I will be having a Pepsi today but only one.

I’m going to have a quick, light lunch and then get some work done around the house.  More progress this week I hope!

Healthy eating!


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My first boyfriend made me sick

Literally.  This was the start of the break-up diets for me.  Things were good in the beginning.  I found his jealousy endearing at first.  I liked that he wanted to spend all of his time with me.  I was seventeen when we started dating.  We went to different high schools which made it a little more mysterious.  No one at my school had met him except my best friend *Alexis.  When we first started dating I think I weighed 130 lbs. 

After the first year things went down hill.  He still wanted to spend all of his time with me.  He still had that little jealousy streak.  He hadn’t changed.  I had.  I was learning what I wanted in a relationship and what I didn’t.  He was inconsistent.  I had a friend who had his picture in the paper.  I had the picture up in my room.  *Patrick ripped it down, scrunched it up and threw it in the garbage.  Yet when I told him guys tried to pick me up at the mall he didn’t bat an eye.  However, when I wanted to go out to an underage club with my friends to dance he sent his friends along to spy on me.

Yeah, those were the things I didn’t want in a relationship.  That first break-up is hard.  I’d never done it before and had no idea how.  I stressed about it big time.  That’s when the weight loss started.  I literally couldn’t eat.  Just seeing food on TV made my stomach churn.  Forget about eating it.  By the time I broke up with him I was down to 96 lbs.

So why am I talking about my first boyfriend and how he made me sick?  Because it’s just before lunch and I was thinking about how hungry I am right now.  And how back then food, any food, turned my stomach.  It would be so much easier to stick to the diet if my stomach turned at the smell of food instead of grumbling with hunger and anticipation.  🙂  Seriously though, no matter how much I want to lose weight I never want to go through that again.  Obviously I no longer have that problem.  And because I’m with *John now I know I’ll never have to worry about a break-up diet again.

Healthy eating!


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The cravings

Okay, the diet isn’t going too badly so far.  Of course today is only day 3 so we’ll see how I feel by weigh in day on Sunday.  I thought I would be hungry.  I thought I would have cravings but so far so good.  Sure, I had a craving for Pepsi.  I am addicted to the stuff after all, but I gave in and had one yesterday and Sunday.  I incorporated them into my points.  I’m trying to drink more water now though and way less Pepsi.

Tried to do the Wii Fit yesterday.  It had been 354 days since I’d used it.  How sad is that?  So I was all ready to warm up with the balance games and the board didn’t work.  Must remember to get rechargable batteries next time.  So, yes, I will be going out today to get batteries and doing the Wii Fit tonight.

Had weight control oatmeal for breakfast.  I so need some ideas on low point breakfasts.  If you have any please post in the comments.  For lunch I’ll be having left over Mexican Skillet.  I’ll get that recipe typed up and in the recipe section of the website this week.  Worked out to be 8 points.

Okay, off to work!

Healthy eating!


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The Diet – Day 1

Got on the scale this morning and realised I weighed even more than I thought I did.  I’ve gained three pounds since the last time I weighed myself.  So that puts my weight loss goal up to 110 pounds over two years.  I know I can do it!

I love my boyfriend even when he brings me Tim Hortons coffee and a donut for breakfast on the first day of my diet.  🙂  It’s all good though because we had 2 point soup for lunch and I’m making 20 Minute Chicken and Rice for dinner. That will set me back 8 points. I’ll still have points left over for snacking. I might be able to have that Pepsi I so desperately want right now. Must go put some in the fridge.

Right now I’m off to get some New Year cleaning done. The kitchen is a disaster. And we need to put the Christmas dishes and cutlery away.

Healthy eating!


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The Break-Up

This time two years ago was the beginning of the end of the relationship that gave me the idea for the script.  The clues were all there but it was a shiny new year.  I had a boyfriend, something I hadn’t had in ten years.  So I just went with it and hoped for the best.  Of course that never works.

I didn’t realise it at first.  That the relationship was doomed.  Realization wouldn’t come until later.  I was just having fun.  All I knew was a man wanted to spend time with me despite my weight.  How awesome is that?  What *Barry did teach me is that women pay too much attention to their weight.  He didn’t care how much I weighed.  I cared.  It’s more important to be healthy.  If you’re healthy at a heavier weight don’t sweat it.

But even though my brain didn’t see the signs my body did.  I knew the break-up was coming and my body started to go into that break-up mode.  For me that means I don’t feel as hungry.  I started to crave food that was good for me.  I know, weird, huh?  With *Barry I ate too much junk food so I guess my body was craving food that was good for me.

When I finally decided to break up with him I got the idea for the script and I immediately texted *Betty with the title.  Now that I’m starting a real diet tomorrow I want to write the script not just keep making notes on it.

I’m off to bed shortly.  Tomorrow I offically start my diet.  I’m going to dust off the Wii Fit and hope it doesn’t laugh at me when I step on that board.

Healthy eating!


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