Operation Scarlet

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. And that’s because the diet started off great in January and February. But then I strayed. I gained back everything I had lost. At least it wasn’t more than what I had lost. I’m back where I was when I started in January. I had broken up with Pepsi but rushed to take the beverage back in March. I tried breaking up with snack food but I’m a snacker. I need to snack.

I needed something to really motivate me to stay on track this time. So, Operation Scarlet was born. I loved being a redhead in my twenties. I’d love to go red again. But, I can’t until I’ve met a certain milestone. Operation Scarlet started last week. After one week I’ve lost four pounds. I’d like to go red by my birthday so I’ll have to be really good with the points this time around. I think I can do it.

Now, I’m off to have my two point breakfast with my cup of tea. Then it will be off to work.

Healthy eating!


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