What progress?

Okay so I’ve fallen off the points wagon. I have no idea what week I’m on. But I haven’t gained everything back that I’ve lost. Very happy about that. My objective now is to get back on the points wagon and stay there.

Pepsi and I got back together for a while. I have broken up with Pepsi again. At least during the week. We still see each other on weekends. 🙂

I have been bringing my lunch and breakfast to work so I think that’s helped with the diet and the wallet. I will continue to do that. Also, portion control has been very important. Even when I wasn’t counting the points I still didn’t go overboard on the portions. But I have been eating food that isn’t good for me.

It’s a new week, fresh slate and it’s spring! I always find I eat better when spring gets here. I’ll be back to my regular weekly postings at least. Maybe more during the week if the mood strikes.

Healthy eating!


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