What’s in your coffee?

I love coffee. Okay, maybe not as much as some people but I still like to have one when I get to work in the morning. At work they have free flavoured coffees in the cafeteria. I’ve been having those every morning pretty much since I got the job. But because of the diet and wanting to save my points for later meals I try to have a low point morning. That usually consists of weight control oatmeal for 2 points and a coffee. The coffee ended up being 4 points because of what I put in it. Of course I could have it black. But I can’t have it black. I can’t even put milk in it. It has to be cream. Preferably 18% cream. And don’t forget the sugar.

I love the General Foods International flavoured coffees from Maxwell House. They’re only 2 points. Yes, I do use level teaspoons. I’m bitter that in Canada you can only get two flavours. I had to go to the U.S. to get the flavours I like. I noticed this morning when I added water to my Hazelnut Café power that the little bubbles on top had a rainbow in them. Kind of like puddles of water in a parking lot after a heavy rain. Made me wonder what the heck they put in that powder. Didn’t stop me from drinking it though. It tastes so good.

Hmmmm. I think I need to switch to tea. Measure out 2 points of milk and use that all day for tea. I don’t need sugar in my tea. I could have three or four cups of tea for the same points as one cup of coffee. Maybe I’ll start doing that this weekend.

Well, off to work where it’s hard to be good because everyone has snacks on their desk.

Healthy eating!


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