Week 4 Progress

Another pound down, a whole lot more of them to go. I was pretty good for most of the week. Kept within my points, used 32 of my 35 flex points by Friday. Then Friday evening and Saturday the diet went a little crazy. I did not watch the points at all and had a lot of food that wasn’t good for me. But it tasted so yummy. And when I got on the scale yesterday I was still down a pound so I was happy.

I suspected I might be down when I put on my nylons on Saturday. *John and I were going to a play his friend directed. It’s super freezing here and most ladies know those nylons really help to keep out the cold. I was kind of dreading fighting with them. The last time I put them on it took me five minutes to get them up. And they aren’t control top either. But Saturday they went on with no problem.

Oh, the play was great too. After the screenplay is done I think my next project will be a play. I’d love to see actors saying my lines, see the director direct them.

It’s 20 Minute Chicken tonight for dinner. Tomorrow I’m going out so I have to look up the restaurant online to see if they have a menu posted. Staying on the points only works if I can pick point friendly meals before I go.

I’m off to get some work done.

Healthy eating!


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