How fattening is that water?

Okay, stupid question you might be saying. Water has zero calories, zero fat. When it comes to points it’s free. You’d be right but what are you putting in your water? I don’t like drinking water. It has no taste. No flavour. There are lots of different products out there you can use to flavour that water. Those have calories. Okay, most of them still don’t have fat. But calories add up. Especially if you’re having eight glasses of water a day and adding a packet of flavouring to each glass. The Crystal Light packets are very low in calories but artificial sweeteners give me a headache. Kool Aid has individual packets too. Those have more calories.

What about other favourite beverages? Coffee and tea have almost no calories. But add cream, milk, sugar, and other flavours and you’ve got a drink that might be as many points as a chocolate bar. Maybe even more. I have a friend who drinks tea all day. She could never lose on the Points system because the tea was eating into her points. She added milk and sugar to every cup. After eighteen cups you start to lose quite a few points that you could be using for food.

Then of course there is my absolute favourite drink. Pepsi. I wish I could drink it everyday but, sadly, it’s 3 points per can. So I splurge on the weekend instead with one or two cans provided I have the points available.

Bottom line, be aware of what you’re putting in your drinks. Adding just a little of something to any of them adds calories. Soon that low calorie or no calorie drink is just as bad as that 6 point chocolate bar I often crave.

Okay, off to my sister’s to see my niece and then back home for stir-fry!

Healthy eating!


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