The cravings

Okay, the diet isn’t going too badly so far.  Of course today is only day 3 so we’ll see how I feel by weigh in day on Sunday.  I thought I would be hungry.  I thought I would have cravings but so far so good.  Sure, I had a craving for Pepsi.  I am addicted to the stuff after all, but I gave in and had one yesterday and Sunday.  I incorporated them into my points.  I’m trying to drink more water now though and way less Pepsi.

Tried to do the Wii Fit yesterday.  It had been 354 days since I’d used it.  How sad is that?  So I was all ready to warm up with the balance games and the board didn’t work.  Must remember to get rechargable batteries next time.  So, yes, I will be going out today to get batteries and doing the Wii Fit tonight.

Had weight control oatmeal for breakfast.  I so need some ideas on low point breakfasts.  If you have any please post in the comments.  For lunch I’ll be having left over Mexican Skillet.  I’ll get that recipe typed up and in the recipe section of the website this week.  Worked out to be 8 points.

Okay, off to work!

Healthy eating!


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2 Responses to The cravings

  1. newb says:

    They do make a diet version of Pepsi now, just saying.

  2. CC says:

    LOL. That is true. Diet Pepsi just so does not taste the same as regular. I just can’t bring myself to drink the diet stuff.