The Break-Up

This time two years ago was the beginning of the end of the relationship that gave me the idea for the script.  The clues were all there but it was a shiny new year.  I had a boyfriend, something I hadn’t had in ten years.  So I just went with it and hoped for the best.  Of course that never works.

I didn’t realise it at first.  That the relationship was doomed.  Realization wouldn’t come until later.  I was just having fun.  All I knew was a man wanted to spend time with me despite my weight.  How awesome is that?  What *Barry did teach me is that women pay too much attention to their weight.  He didn’t care how much I weighed.  I cared.  It’s more important to be healthy.  If you’re healthy at a heavier weight don’t sweat it.

But even though my brain didn’t see the signs my body did.  I knew the break-up was coming and my body started to go into that break-up mode.  For me that means I don’t feel as hungry.  I started to crave food that was good for me.  I know, weird, huh?  With *Barry I ate too much junk food so I guess my body was craving food that was good for me.

When I finally decided to break up with him I got the idea for the script and I immediately texted *Betty with the title.  Now that I’m starting a real diet tomorrow I want to write the script not just keep making notes on it.

I’m off to bed shortly.  Tomorrow I offically start my diet.  I’m going to dust off the Wii Fit and hope it doesn’t laugh at me when I step on that board.

Healthy eating!


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