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Good news/bad news

So, the bad news I didn’t lose any weight last week. But the good news is I didn’t gain any weight either. I stayed exactly where I was. That was kind of depressing but not as depressing as it would have been if I’d gained weight. So, moving forward I’ll just do better at sticking to the points and trying to find the time to exercise. Honestly I have no idea when I’ll be able to do that. Too bad I couldn’t exercise in my sleep. I mean I’m not doing anything else anyway so it would be a perfect time.

Visited with the family on the weekend for Mother’s Day. My mom is on a special diet right now and has broken up with almost all food. But she’s starting to eat again which is good. The weight is coming off faster for her too which is also good.

In a nicer way than the lady at my work asked about my weight gain, my family commented on my hair. Yeah, it’s in serious need of a dye job. The grey hairs are taking over and it’s making me look old. No wonder people are calling me Ma’am. I knew I needed to get it done but I wanted to wait until I reached a milestone. My family isn’t going to let that happen. I was told to bring dye with me on Thursday so my mom could colour my hair. Sigh.

Well, maybe it will be good for me. Maybe I’ll get compliments on Friday when the hubby and I go bowling with this friend. Yes, I said hubby. We’re common law and the boyfriend takes too long to type.

So, up for this weekend, cleaning out the garage. And updating my points spreadsheets so I can start really keeping track of things. I wonder if I can coax hubby out for walks after work.

Healthy eating!


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When did you get fat?

It’s been a long time since I posted. Besides all the other excuses of being too busy doing other things, the truth is I haven’t really been sticking to any sort of diet. I might have broken up with food that’s bad for me for a while but we all got back together again. Why do I go back to relationships (with food) that I know aren’t good for me? Because they taste soooo good.

But when someone at work actually asked me that question (the title of this post) it really hit home. How did I get fat? I let myself get this way. No one forced me to eat things I shouldn’t. No one put the soft drinks and fried food in my hands and made me eat it. I did that.

I was thin once. At some points in my life I’ve even been too thin. So what happened? When I was in my early twenties I worked close enough to home to walk to work. So I did. Three times a week I walked the 45 minutes to work. Sometimes I even walked home. Other nights I got a ride. On top of that on Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night I would go to a bar for dancing with my friends. I wasn’t much of a drinker so I had a beer, maybe two. I didn’t see it back then but I was actually getting exercise. Over two hours of walking a week plus, if I’m conservative with my numbers, at least 3 to 4 hours of dancing a week.

Then I got a job that wasn’t as close to home. The walking stopped. The dancing at the bar continued. But so did eating food at weird hours because I worked nights at a bar now instead of during the day in an office.

Boyfriends drifted in and out of my life. We did a lot of stuff on the go or last minute so that meant a lot of eating out. Other jobs came and went as well that didn’t allow me to walk to work anymore. As with a lot of office jobs there are snacks, lots and lots of snacks, to help get you through the day. But they don’t help you keep the pounds off.

I did really well once with the weight loss but for some reason I fell off that wagon and gained back all the weight I’d lost plus a lot extra. Now I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been. I’m putting a stop to it NOW.

When I got fat isn’t the problem. It’s how to get healthy again that I’m going to concentrate on. I have 114 pounds to lose. First goal – 10 pounds. When I reach that I’m going to get a pedicure! One little goal at a time. It will take a while but I’ll shed these pounds.

Healthy eating!


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Adventures in vegetarianism

Have I broken up with meat? Has this woman who loves her bacon, pork chops, chicken Alfredo sworn off animal proteins? Hell no. But I’m usually up to trying new things and vegetables are good for diets, right. So last night the boyfriend, a friend of ours, and I went to Zen Gardens for dinner. Try to wrap your brain around vegetarian Chinese food for a moment. Now go check out their website, look at the pictures of the dishes flash across the screen THEN read their menu. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve read the menu (I hope) I can reveal what I ate. For starters I had the Veggie Chicken Balls. For me how food looks, smells, tastes is all a part of the experience. As a meat eater I probably should have closed my eyes to eat the “chicken” balls. Because on the inside they definitely didn’t look like chicken. But with a little splash of the sweet and sour sauce they were actually quite tasty.

For my main entree I had the curry Vermicelli. At first I ate only the noodles and the red and green peppers. Stick with what you know, right? But I had promised myself I would try the vegetable proteins, get a feel for what vegetarians eat. The bean curd was actually good. Had the texture of chicken and I suspect it was supposed to “be” the “chicken” in the dish. Now, the seitan in the dish did NOT look appetizing at all. Looked to me like what I’m sure meat probably looks like to a vegetarian. I did try it however. It was pretty tasty too. Again, probably should have just worn a blindfold so I couldn’t see what I was eating and just enjoy the tastes.

Veggie Chicken balls and curry Vermicelli

Have I been converted? Hell no. I love meat. I admit that even though humans need protein in their diet they probably don’t need that protein to be from animals. But I like the taste of meat. Will I eat there again? Yes. I’ll try something different next time. Maybe one of their “steaks” to see if they can fool my taste buds.

Off to bed.

Healthy eating…


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Operation Scarlet

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. And that’s because the diet started off great in January and February. But then I strayed. I gained back everything I had lost. At least it wasn’t more than what I had lost. I’m back where I was when I started in January. I had broken up with Pepsi but rushed to take the beverage back in March. I tried breaking up with snack food but I’m a snacker. I need to snack.

I needed something to really motivate me to stay on track this time. So, Operation Scarlet was born. I loved being a redhead in my twenties. I’d love to go red again. But, I can’t until I’ve met a certain milestone. Operation Scarlet started last week. After one week I’ve lost four pounds. I’d like to go red by my birthday so I’ll have to be really good with the points this time around. I think I can do it.

Now, I’m off to have my two point breakfast with my cup of tea. Then it will be off to work.

Healthy eating!


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What progress?

Okay so I’ve fallen off the points wagon. I have no idea what week I’m on. But I haven’t gained everything back that I’ve lost. Very happy about that. My objective now is to get back on the points wagon and stay there.

Pepsi and I got back together for a while. I have broken up with Pepsi again. At least during the week. We still see each other on weekends. 🙂

I have been bringing my lunch and breakfast to work so I think that’s helped with the diet and the wallet. I will continue to do that. Also, portion control has been very important. Even when I wasn’t counting the points I still didn’t go overboard on the portions. But I have been eating food that isn’t good for me.

It’s a new week, fresh slate and it’s spring! I always find I eat better when spring gets here. I’ll be back to my regular weekly postings at least. Maybe more during the week if the mood strikes.

Healthy eating!


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Week 7 Progress

Yes, I know, I missed week six progress. That’s because there was no progress. There was reverse progress. I won’t tell you how much I gained back but I gained.

Week seven, however, was good. Lost two pounds. I’m still just ahead of where I wanted to be if I lost a pound a week. Now I just have to stay on track.

This week will be hard to be good and stay within the points. *Alexis is visiting for a week so we did Christmas dinner at her parents’ place on Monday. Tomorrow *John and I are going out to dinner. It’s his best friend’s birthday so a bunch of us are going out. It’s to a vegetarian restaurant. I’ll let you know how that goes for this meat eater.

Friday we gather at *Donna’s house for wine and appetizers. Though small those little morsels of food are usually not very point friendly. And you have to eat a lot of them to feel full. I’ll need to eat a big bowl of soup or something before we go so I don’t pig out.

Let’s see. No writing done on the script or anything else really. Well, about 500 words of a short story. I’ve been busy with workshops but that is coming to an end soon. I will much more time to plan meals and work on the script.

Now, I have to go to work.

Healthy eating!


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A belated Valentine’s Day

Two years ago today I was celebrating Valentine’s Day with my ex-boyfriend *Barry. It was our first Valentine’s Day together and our last. Like I said with my first post, the signs were there that the relationship wouldn’t last. But I hadn’t been in a relationship for a while and it was nice to have someone to go out with. Someone to cuddle with. Someone to talk to.

Anyway, for his job Valentine’s Day was one of the busiest days of the year for him. So being the awesome girlfriend I was I suggested we celebrate on February 15th instead. The restaurants would be less busy. The hotel room would be slightly cheaper. He would be happier if he didn’t have to take his busiest day of the year off.

As Valentine’s Days go it was pretty good even though it was a day late. We stayed in a hotel for the night because he lived with a friend and we were NEVER alone. We checked in early then headed over to The Keg for dinner. After that we went to see a movie. The remake of Friday the 13th. I’m a horror fan so yes, that was a romantic movie for me. 🙂

Of course shortly after that day things started going down hill. But I’m glad they did. Otherwise I wouldn’t be with *John now. Our second Valentine’s Day together was awesome. He got me an amazing gift. A hockey jersey from my favourite OHL team signed by all the players. I’m so glad he didn’t get me chocolate. No, I’m not being sarcastic. I do love the jersey and chocolate would have been way too many points. I can’t wait for all the Valentine’s Days to come.

Healthy eating!


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What’s in your coffee?

I love coffee. Okay, maybe not as much as some people but I still like to have one when I get to work in the morning. At work they have free flavoured coffees in the cafeteria. I’ve been having those every morning pretty much since I got the job. But because of the diet and wanting to save my points for later meals I try to have a low point morning. That usually consists of weight control oatmeal for 2 points and a coffee. The coffee ended up being 4 points because of what I put in it. Of course I could have it black. But I can’t have it black. I can’t even put milk in it. It has to be cream. Preferably 18% cream. And don’t forget the sugar.

I love the General Foods International flavoured coffees from Maxwell House. They’re only 2 points. Yes, I do use level teaspoons. I’m bitter that in Canada you can only get two flavours. I had to go to the U.S. to get the flavours I like. I noticed this morning when I added water to my Hazelnut Café power that the little bubbles on top had a rainbow in them. Kind of like puddles of water in a parking lot after a heavy rain. Made me wonder what the heck they put in that powder. Didn’t stop me from drinking it though. It tastes so good.

Hmmmm. I think I need to switch to tea. Measure out 2 points of milk and use that all day for tea. I don’t need sugar in my tea. I could have three or four cups of tea for the same points as one cup of coffee. Maybe I’ll start doing that this weekend.

Well, off to work where it’s hard to be good because everyone has snacks on their desk.

Healthy eating!


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Week 5 Progress

I’m a few days late reporting in. It’s been crazy busy lately. No time to work on the script which is a bummer. But I am doing writing related stuff.

Anyway, got on the scale on Sunday expecting it to be the same or up because I was soooo bad last week. I’m very happy to say I lost 3 pounds! I’m close to hitting that Weight Watchers milestone where I have to decrease my number of points for the day. I must find more zero point foods then because I’m still going over every day and using my flex points by mid-week. I definitely need to plan my weekly meals better.

Off to get work done! Sadly not writing, but actual day job work.

Healthy eating!


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